SMG Ventures strives to be part of the solution to meet the growing energy needs globally. We focus on the large, fast growing market in India; while leveraging a strong footprint in the advanced and largest energy market with proven technologies in USA. We achieve our vision by developing, acquiring, owning and operating energy assets that represent the “optimal mix” of cost effective and sustainable energy solutions to meet this demand.


We believe that the expansive demand for energy can be met in a timely, cost effective and sustainable way only by harnessing all the natural resources, starting with oil & natural gas to renewable assets like solar and hydro in a balanced way that can alleviate the challenges of lack of energy infrastructure, unleash the full potential of the global economies, drive progress and improve the quality of life, all in a manner that respects the environment and leaves an inhabitable ecosystem for generations to come.

SMG has been rated SP 3A by CRISIL as per MNRE’s Rooftop Solar Channel Partner Programme under RESCO model.